Proaxis Therapy


We believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves. We are committed to providing the individual assistance, time, information and resources to guide the process. You will receive one on one attention from our providers. We take the time to understand not just what body part is painful, but the bigger aspects of you, your activities and your life that led to the problem occurring and need to be addressed to fully resolve it. Every encounter is a lesson, for you and us, for which we are grateful.

Proaxis Therapy strives to be a resource to promote healthy lifestyles. We feel that our clinicians have a professional obligation to address three objectives:

1.  Identify the underlying dysfunction that created the problem.
2.  Educate the patient on how to manage the symptoms of the dysfunction.
3.  Provide a plan to help move out of the dysfunctional pattern.

Proaxis Therapy is committed to our patients, community and staff to provide the environment and resources to meet these objectives. We believe everyone can achieve a balanced life.

For movement classes, personal training, and other services, visit our sister company, Balanced Movement Studio